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Kishwaukee Archers

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Kishwaukee Archers Inc. is a friendly, family oriented archery club located in Sycamore, Illinois, about 60 miles west of Chicago.  The club has a rustic clubhouse with kitchen, fireplace, restrooms, and our new heated indoor range.  The indoor range allows us to shoot year-round in comfort at distances up to 30 yards.  Our outdoor practice range has arrow friendly butts out to 50 yards.  In the woods surrounding the clubhouse and practice range is a 3-D hunting trail with 28 targets.

Club meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at the clubhouse, at 7 p.m.
Anyone wishing to join is welcome to attend these meetings, see the ranges, and make some new friends.

The club sponsors 3-D shoots throughout the year, on the indoor range in the winter, and on the outdoor trail spring through fall.  We also have regular target shoots, and an indoor target league in the winter.

2014 Memberships (April 1st 2015 - March 31st, 2016) dues are as follows:

New Members

Family working membership dues are $85 per year + 4 work hours (work projects must be approved by a board member or committee chairman) with a one-time (with continuous membership) initiation fee of $100.

Family non-working membership dues are $145, with a one-time (with continuous membership) initiation fee of $100.

Student membership (minor or full-time student up to 23yrs olds) dues are $30 per year.

After December 31 of each year, all new members will pay prorated membership dues plus initiation fee.

Initiation fees will remain at $100.00 for Family.

All memberships are good from April 1 to March 31.


Renewal Members

Family working membership dues are $85 per year + 4 work hours.

Family non-working membership dues are $145.
Student membership (minor or full-time student up to 23yrs old) dues are $30 per year.


Upcoming vote about crossbow use. Ballots included with renewal notices.

  This information was gathered from the Ohio DNR, Outdoor Illinois magazine, Bowhunter magazine, North American Hunter Magazine and interviews with Sauk Valley Archers.

Crossbows are considered archery equipment nationally and internationally

21 states allow complete usage of crossbows for all hunting at all legal ages

22 states allow crossbows with restrictions on age or hunting dates

Ohio has allowed crossbows for 35 years for all hunting and ages with no increase in accidents due to crossbows

Sauk Valley Archers in Dixon, IL has allowed crossbows for 2 years in all ranges and targets with no accidents or increase in membership due to allowing crossbows. They found some bolts are more difficult to remove from targets because they are shorter than arrows

Joliet archers allows crossbows outdoors

Most modern compound bows are faster than most crossbows

Compounds are accurate to greater distances than crossbows

All crossbows have safeties on them

There is no increase in insurance premiums due to crossbows

The greatest increase of new archers and archery hunters are young people and women who canít pull a 40# bow and mostly older archers with physical problems

Crossbows will allow many of us to continue in a sport that we love because we can no longer use compounds or traditional equipment at legal draw weights for hunting or target practice

THEY ARE DANGEROUS; unfounded statement by many archers with no crossbow experience

 We have excellent tentative guideline rules to consider for crossbow use at the club

1.      Crossbow use restricted to members 18 years and older or family members when properly supervised by an adult member

2.      No cocked crossbows allowed anywhere other than on Range #1(north of clubhouse)

3.      Bolts can only be loaded at the firing line and facing targets

4.      Members must furnish their own targets-no bolts in range targets

5.      Broadheads may be shot into sandpits or memberís targets only

6.      No crossbow shooting in the indoor range

7.      No crossbows allowed on the field course or hunterís 3D course





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For more information, contact our President, Curt Thompson

or write: Kishwaukee Archers, P.O. Box 495, Sycamore, IL 60178




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